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Here’s a page full of what others thinks of my work, from print and social media: Media Mentions

Recent articles, reviews, and miscellanea from me:

Hey, look! This is a big deal…seriously. I made it into the rarified blog over at Sounding Out! Check out my article on how childhood listening formed a distorted adulthood: Sonic Dissonance, March 11, 2019.

Hi-Fi Infidelity: Blind Love Blues” focuses on elegant denial, borderline narcissism, and the opera. A complex and beautiful song by Walter Hyatt, who we lost way too soon. Over at No Depression, the Journal of Roots Music. September 4, 2016.

Farm Sanctuary has posted this video of a cooking demonstration I gave at their New York shelter. Learn to make some good food!

Hi-Fi Infidelity: Me and Mrs. Jones” visits Night Gallery, jukebox theory, and other aural hazards, over at No Depression, the Journal of Roots Music. August 23, 2016.

Hi-Fi Infidelity: In Some Room Above the Street” challenges our Zen, over at No Depression, the Journal of Roots Music. August 6, 2016.

Hi-Fi Infidelity: Your Cheatin’ Heart” explores the depths of Hank Williams’ classic song, over at No Depression, the Journal of Roots Music. July 26, 2016.

The Latham Foundation, provider of humane education media since 1918, has included me in their current newsletter. My article “Food as a Unique Teaching Tool” explores the impact of Peace Meal Supper Club™. Spring 2016

Here’s a low-fi peek into an on-the-road Peace Meal Supper Club™, March 2016:

An essay regarding farm labor issues, the CIW, and Publix Supermarkets, published at Civil Eats: A Chef Speaks Out on Farm Labor. November 2013.

Essays, recipes, photos, and other media at the landmark Uncooped exhibit, from the National Museum of Animals & Society, May 2013.

Now and then, I enjoy writing a review from deep inside a book or CD. Here’s a selection:

These articles explore our acceptance of an abusive deity:

From late 2010 through 2011, I was a member of Kris Carr’s illustrious Blog Posse. Here is a selection of essays and recipes:

I was a guest on the highly stimulating free-thought Infidel Guy show back in 2004. Reginald Finley and I discussed my book In Lieu of Heaven, in addition to similarities between Jehovah’s behavior and that of a domestic abuser. Be challenged and entertained!

In 2004 I did numerous radio interviews in support of my novel, In Lieu of Heaven. Challenging theism via mass media can be very interesting. Here are 3 examples.