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Cool Wind

Tonight, I revisited a song from my past. From 1999, “Cool Wind” was a declaration of independence from restrictive belief structures. It has held up well, philosophically, and I find that I am still just as enthusiastic—and adamant—regarding my intellectual freedom.

I’ll say “spiritual” freedom as well, but I am compelled to explain what I mean. I don’t mean that my spirit is free. I mean that I am free from belief in a spirit. I have transcended, as it were, the need to believe in my immortal soul. I am quite certain that I don’t have one.

With no further to-do, here are those lyrics:

There’s a warm sun on my face
And a cool wind at my back
And every step I take leads me onward
I ain’t going back
And I’ve driven full speed down a dead end road before
And I have screamed through a slamming door before
I prayed down on my knees
But now I’m free

Oh it’s a shameful thing
When you lock yourself away
You can’t see through the darkness of your own life
You’ll never find the day
And I have felt the fear surround me
And I have felt the darkness around me
I begged god on my knees
But now I’m free

My life is a precious thing
And I live by my own hand
And I regard my life too sacred
To give to any god or man
And I have bought every myth that’s gone before
And I believed all the lies they told before
I worshipped down on my knees
But now I’m free

There’s a cool wind at my back
And the sun shines on my face
I stretch my arms from east to west
And encompass this whole space
And I have cleansed my soul from every sin
And I have taken up my life again
I’ll never be on my knees
Because I’m free

(“Cool Wind,” Copyright (c) 1999, Kevin Archer)

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