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Peace Meal Supper Club #17.5: Sanctuary

Peace Meal Supper Club #17.5: Sanctuary explores the pursuit of physical and cognitive liberation and the creation of free space in which to reconstruct life. Our menu travels to various points along the refugee continuum: from the introduction of commercial interests to their expected outcomes. Have we successfully managed these challenges in the past? And finally, if we visit the root of the problem, can we find a beautiful solution?

Course 1: Banana Republic
Banana Quinoa Fritter ~ Corn Relish ~ Avocado Whip

Course 2: Syrian Flight
Aubergine Roulade ~ Bulgur Pilaf ~ Muhammara

Course 3: Underground Dining Car
Journeycake ~ Roasted Roots and Mushrooms ~ Three Sisters

Course 4: Animal Farm
Fig Almond Cake ~ Pistachio Ice Cream ~ Pomegranate Syrup

We are hosting this edition of PMSC as benefit for Piebird Farm Sanctuary & Vegan Farmstay in northern Ontario, CA. Home to 29 feathered and four-legged friends, Piebird’s “effort is for freedom, and any undertaking of freedom must be as broad as freedom itself.” Founded 12 years ago by Yan Roberts and Sherry Millford, the sanctuary depends upon revenue which they generate onsite by operating a B&B and a small seed company. Recently, Sherry has encountered major health issues, and they are having to suspend B&B operations. We hope that PMSC can send funds and love their way–so we will shamelessly pass a jar at the end of the meal. If you have enjoyed your meal, please express it to Yan and Sherry generously!

We’ll be dining at the farm of Abbie Rogers and Kevin Archer, just a bit south of Versailles, KY, on the evening of October 21, 2017.  Please make your reservation at the bottom of this page.

Peace Meal Supper Club operates on the donations of diners, on a sliding scale. No minimum is required, but a range of $20 to $60, per person, is suggested.

If you must cancel your reservation, please let us know promptly so that we may make your seat(s) available to others.


This event is fully booked.