I offer a variety of services, from weekly meals for private clients to speaking engagements and fundraisers. What’s your need?

Personal Meal Service — I offer weekly meal services to clients in the Lexington/Versailles/Frankfort, KY region. I also offer this service to vacationers, so contact me about your upcoming travel. Prices and menus vary per situation, but it’s more affordable than you think!

Catering — Having a birthday? Want to celebrate a milestone or show appreciation to your staff? Or perhaps you’re getting married! I’d love to design a menu with you and make your event a smash!

Fund-Raising — Fine dining events make for great fund-raisers. As do casual cookouts and cocktail parties. Here’s a tip: people donate generously if you feed them well!

Presenting and Teaching — I’d be happy to address your group on topics ranging from food ethics, social justice, environmental awareness, or the use of art to convey social messages.

Menu and Recipe Development — Want to add vegan items to your current menu? Want to start up a vegan restaurant? I can develop partial or entire menus, provide the recipes, and train your staff.

Contact me via kevin ~at~ to start our discussion.